Ashleigh's 888 List

I'm using this opportunity to mark some books off the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die as well as take the time to check out some books that I've been meaning to read for awhile.

1 :: Books by Charles Dickens
: Our Mutual Friend
: The Tale of Two Cities
: Hard Times
: Bleak House
: David Copperfield
: Martin Chuzzlewit
: Nicholas Nickleby
: Oliver Twist

2 :: Written in the 1700s
: A Tale of a Tub . Jonathan Swift
: Roxana . Daniel Defoe
: The Female Quixote . Charlote Lennox
: Dangerous Liasons . Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
: The 120 Days of Sodom . Marquis de Sade
: Hyperion . Friedrich Holderlin
: Fanny Hill . John Cleland
: The Vicar of Wakefield . Oliver Goldsmith

3 :: Written in the 1800s
: Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. . Somerville and Ross
: Fruits of the Earth. Andre Gide
: Kidnapped . Robert Louis Stevenson
: By the Open Sea . August Strindberg
: Far From the Maddening Crowd . Thomas Hardy
: In A Glass Darkly . Sheridan le Fanu
: The Moonstone . Wilkie Collins
: Madame Bovary . Gustave Flaubert

4 :: Written in the 1900s
: Underworld . Don DeLillo
: High Rise . J.G. Ballard
: Cold Comfort Farm . Stella Gibbons
: 2001: A Space Odyssey . Arthur C. Clarke
: The Last Temptation of Christ . Nikos Kazantzakis
: Les Enfants Terribles . Jean Cocteau
: Tarzan of the Apes . Edgar Rice Burroughs
: Where Angels Fear to Tread . E.M. Forster

5 :: Over 500 pages
: The Three Musketeers . Alexandre Dumas
: North and South . Elizabeth Gaskell
: Les Miserables . Victor Hugo
: Middlemarch . George Elliot
: The Brothers Karamazov . Fyodor Dostoevsky
: Ben-Hur . Lew Wallace
: Germinal . Emile Zola
: Remembrance of Things Past . Marcel Proust

6 :: Books Written by Last Names Beginning with - M
: One Hundred Years of Solitude . Gabriel Garcia Marquez
: A Woman's Life . Guy de Maupassant
: Saturday . Ian McEwan
: Kafka on the Shore . Haruki Murakami
: Don't Move . Margaret Mazzantini
: Wittgenstein's Mistress . David Markson
: The Black Prince . Iris Murdoch
: The Man of Feeling . Henry Mackenzie

7 :: The Last 8 on the List (unless listed above or previously read)
: Never Let Me Go . Kazuo Ishiguro
: On Beauty . Zadie Smith
: Adjunct: An Undigest . Peter Manson
: The Sea . John Banville
: The Red Queen . Margaret Drabble
: The Plot Against America . Philip Roth
: The Master . Colm Toibin
: Vanishing Point . David Markson

8 :: Popular Books I've Been Meaning to Read
: Water for Elephants . Sara Gruen
: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell . Susanna Clarke
: The Namesake . Jhumpa Lahiri
: The Book Thief . Markus Zusak
: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan . Lisa See
: The Memory Keeper's Daughter . Kim Edwards
: Bee Season . Myla Goldberg
: The Thirteenth Tale . Diane Summerfield

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My lists for the 888 challenge

Here they are! Already revised once since being added to my post.....I am so eager for 2008 to start now, so I can start reading my chosen ones! They are piled on one of my shelves, each in their little group. I made a change already because I realized I had left off mysteries and fantasies as a category each, which are both the type of book I read most frequently......I want my challenge books here to be books I am going to read, plus books I want to read, plus books I've been meaning to read.....that way I will finish this challenge! And not try to make myself read books I feel I should read, which I have a bad habit of thinking I need to do.....
*Note: this challenge was revised before Christmas 2007 on my sidebar, but I forgot to go back and redo the original post (still new at blogging.) This was finally updated, with the first books completed also marked, on March 25 2008. :-)


i) Short Story Collections

- Northern Frights 2 – ed Don Hutchison

- Everything's Eventual – Stephen King

- Year's Best Fantasy and Horror – 6th Annual Collection, Datlow and Windling

- Stories of Your Life and Others – Ted Chiang

- Kissing the Witch – Emma Donoghue *

- The Door in the Hedge – Robin McKinley * - Done

- Harrowing the Dragon – Patricia McKillip

- Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman - currently reading

ii) Latest Books by Favourite Authors

- By the Time You Read This - Giles Blunt -Done

- Widdershins – Charles de Lint - Done

- Exit Music – Ian Rankin

- Ysabel – Guy Gavriel Kay - Done

- DA - Connie Willis

- Piece of My Heart – Peter Robinson

- The Remains of an Altar – Phil Rickman - Done

- Kidnapped - Jan Burke

iii) Classic Literature

- Ulysses – James Joyce

- Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf - Done

- Persuasion – Jane Austen

- O Pioneers – Willa Cather

- Beowulf

- Middlemarch – George Eliot

- Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

- The Iliad - Homer

iv) Fairy Tales (original and re-written, short story collections and novels)

- Enchantment – Orson Scott Card

- Fitcher's Brides – Gregory Frost

- Kissing the Witch – Emma Donoghue *

- The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter

- Black Heart, Ivory Bones – eds Datlow and Windling

- The Door in the Hedge – Robin McKinley * - Done

- The Classic Fairy Tales – Iona and Peter Opie

- Fire and Hemlock - Diana Wynne Jones

v) Non-Fiction

- Canadian Settler's Guide – Catherine Parr Traill - Done

- Life of Charlotte Bronte – Mrs Gaskell

    - 1599 A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare – James Shapiro

    - Journal of a Solitude – May Sarton

- Tarot for Yourself – Mary K. Greer

- The Psychic Pathway – Sonia Choquette

- Crossing to Avalon – Jean Shinoda Bolen

- Toast - A Biography - Nigel Slater


  • The Remains of an Altar - Phil Rickman *(Latest Book 888) - DONE

  • Exit Music - Ian Rankin * (Latest Book 888)

  • Kidnapped - Jan Burke * (Latest Book 888)

  • Rituals of the Season - Margaret Maron

  • Wash This Blood from My Face - Fred Vargas

  • Piece of My Heart - Peter Robinson * (Canadian Book Challenge, Latest Book 888)

  • Still Life - Louise Penny * (Canadian Book Challenge, First in a Series)

  • Fire Sale - Sara Paretsky


vii)Popular Books I've Been Meaning to Read....

- Inkheart - Cornelia Funke - currently reading

- Obsidian Butterfly – Laurell K. Hamilton

- A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby

- White Teeth – Zadie Smith

- She's Come Undone – Wally Lamb

- The Bean Trees – Barbara Kingsolver

-Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky

- The Bookshop - Penelope Fitzgerald - Done

Fantasy – (all are in 1st in a Series Challenge)

  • Ysabel - Guy Gavriel Kay * (Latest Books 888, Canadian Book Challenge) - DONE

  • Widdershins - Charles de Lint * (Latest Books 888, Canadian Book Challenge, Chunkster) - DONE

  • The Weirdstone of Brisingamen - Alan Cooper * (First in a Series Challenge)

  • Over Sea, Under Stone - Susan Cooper * (First in a Series Challenge) - DONE

  • The Oracle Queen - Lynn Flewelling

  • Something Rotten - Jasper Fforde * (Latest Books 888)

  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (Mythopoeic RC)

  • Shaman's Crossing - Robin Hobb * (First in a Series Challenge)

    The ones with a star are my cross-overs......I think I'm happy with my list now :-) Thanks for thinking this challenge up, 3M!!

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Julie's Categories

This is such a great idea as it has really focussed my mind but it has taken me ages to finally decide. I am wondering if I am going to like my reading dictated like this so far in advance. I am also doing a lot of cross linking to other challenges which has been very interesting as I have listed and swapped and wrote more lists!!

These will be my categories

Newbery Project
1 The Giver Lois Lowry

Book Around The World
1 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy read
2 Snow Orhan Pamuk read
3 A Thread of Grace MaryDoria Russell reading

Women and War
1 The Children's House at Belsen Hetty Verolme
2 Four Letters to the Witnesses of My Childhood Helena Ganor
3 Surviving with Wolves: The Most Extraordinary Story of World War II Misha Defonseca read
4 I Have Lived A Thousand Years Livia Bitton-Jackson read
5 A life in secrets : the story of Vera Atkins and the lost agents of SOE Sarah Helm
6 I will Plant You a Lilac Tree Laura Hillman
7 A Time to Speak Helen Lewis
8 If I Should Die Before I Wake Han Nolan

Book Awards

Richard and Judy

'Catch My Eye'
1 When The Emperor Was Divine Julie Otsuka read

1 Pilgrim Road A Benedictine Journey Through Lent Albert Holtz reading

Wendy’s 100 Most Influential Novels by Women Writers
1 Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Thurston read

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Kristina's List

Ok, it's done!!! Now I can't wait to get started!!

1. 1st in a series
-Rolling Thunder - Mark Mynheir
-Boo - Rene Gutteridge
-The Dark Hills Divide - Patrick Carman
-At Home in Mitford - Jan Karon
-Storm Front - Jim Butcher DONE
-Magyk - Angie Sage DONE
-Man With a Load of Mischief - Martha Grimes
-Black - Ted Dekker

2. Christian Fiction
-Sweet Treats - Wanda Brunstetter
-A Ship Possessed - Alton Gansky
-My Life as a Doormat - Rene Gutteridge DONE
-Heaven’s Wager - Ted Dekker
-Tilly - Frank Peretti DONE
-Premonition - Randy Ingermanson
-Redemption - Karen Kingsbury
-Thorn in my Heart - Liz Curtis Higgs

3. 8 Books from 8 Different States
-One For the Money - Janet Evanovich (NJ)
- Since You've Been Gone - Carlene Thompson (WV)
-Jane Austen Book Club - Karen Joy Fowler (CA)
-Second Glance - Jodi Picoult (VT)
-Can't Wait to Get to Heaven - Fannie Flagg (MO)
-Boo - Rene Gutteridge (IN)
-Widow of the South - Robert Hicks (TN)
-Haunted - Heather Graham (VA)

4. Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
-Man With a Load of Mischief - Martha Grimes
-I is for Innocent - Sue Grafton
-Shadow Man - Cody McFadyen
-The Virgin of the Small Plains - Nancy Pickard
-Two Little Girls in Blue - Mary Higgins Clark
-The Lucifer Messiah - Frank Cavallo
-Stitches in Time - Barbara Michaels
-Monk - Matthew Lewis

5. Young Adult
-Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer DONE
-Coraline - Neil Gaiman DONE
-Pictures of Hollis Woods - Patricia Reilly Giff DONE
-The Book of Story Beginnings - Kristin Kladstrup DONE
-The Prophet of Yonwood - Jeanne DuPrau DONE
-Magyk - Angie Sage DONE
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling DONE
-Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher DONE

6. Hardbacks on my floor beside my shelf (LOL I said there was an overflow!)
-Post Secret - Frank Warren DONE
-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll DONE
-Undercover - Beth Kephart
-The Vanishing - Bentley Little
-Mary Modern - Camille De Angelis
-The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brian Selznick DONE
-The Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill DONE
-The Dark Hills Divide - Patrick Carman

7. Newbery Award Winners
-Voyages of Dr. Doolittle - Hugh Lofting
-Tales from Silver Lands - Charles Finger
-The Cat Who Went to Heaven - Elizabeth Coatsworth DONE
-The Twenty-One Balloons - William Pene DuBois
-Invincible Louisa - Cornelia Meigs
-It's Like This Cat - Emily Neville DONE
-Bridge to Terebithia - Katherine Paterson
-The Giver - Lois Lowry DONE

8. Biographies/Memoirs
-In His Light - Danielle Steel
-A Paper Life - Tatum O'Neal
-Lucky Man - Michael J. Fox
-We Are Their Heaven - Allison DuBois
-Mosaic - Amy Grant DONE

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Twiga's Categories

My 8 categories (book lists to follow later):
(1) Medical Thrillers
(2) Re-Reads
(3) Series Books
(4) Sci-Fi
(5) Christian Fiction
(6) Favorite Authors
(7) Non-Fiction
(8) Mystery/Suspense

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Amanda's List

A lot of my books will be rereads that I've been wanting to get to....basically to see if I still love the books and want to keep them (I'm getting desperate for shelf space) and the others are ones I feel I should have read by now or have been wanting to read for a very long time. Here's my tentative list:

8 Jodi Picoult Books:
-Perfect Match
-Salem Falls
-Songs of the Humpback Whale
-Harvesting the Heart
-Second Glance
-Keeping Faith
-Second Glance
-Change of Heart

8 2008 Books
-The Adoration of Jenna Fox
-Where the River Ends
-The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
-Light of the Moon
- The Battle of the Labyrinth
-Breaking Dawn
-Lock and Key

8 Adult Christian Fiction Books

-The Potluck Club Takes the Cake
-Only Uni
-Summer Snow
-Sisterchicks Do the Hula
-The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling
-The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Caught
-Between Sundays

8 Non-Fiction Titles
-Belly Laughs
-Book Crush
-Slightly Chipped
-The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
-One At A Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter
-A Passion for Books
-Saving Levi
-Four Paws from Heaven

8 Children's Classic Books
-The Secret Garden
-A Little Princess
-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
-Pippi Longstockings
-The Wizard of Oz
-Alice in Wonderland
-Little Men

8 Young Adult Books
-In Your Dreams
-Only You, Sierra
-Pitch Black
-Deep Green
-Keeping the Moon
-The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
-Life As We Knew It

8 Newbery Honor Books
-Olive's Ocean
-Our Only May Amelia
-Home Was Here
-Everything on a Waffle
-The Great Gilly Hopkins
-The Hundred Penny Box
-Catherine Called Birdy
-A Corner of the Universe

8 Fantasy Books
-The Magician's Nephew
-The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
-The Horse and His Boy
-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
-The Silver Chair
-A Wrinkle in Time
-The Shadow Thieves

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