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1. Revolution is Not A Dinner Party (Becky)
2. Girl with the White Flag (Becky)
3. Yellow Umbrella (Becky)
4. Year of the Rat (Becky)
5. The Fold (Becky)
6. The Mats (Becky)
7. Guji Guji (Becky)
8. Little Town on the Prairie (Becky)
9. These Happy Golden Years (Becky)
10. Persuasion (Becky)
11. Northanger Abbey (Becky)
12. Wives and Daughters (Becky)
13. Their Eyes Were Watching God (Becky)
14. Sense and Sensibility (Becky)
15. Hitty Her First Hundred Years (Becky)
16. On the Banks of Plum Creek (Becky)
17. By Shores of Silver Lake (Becky)
18. The Long Winter (Becky)
19. Adam of the Road (Becky)
20. Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH (Becky)
21. The Entertainer and the Dybbuk (Becky)
22. My Father\'s Dragon (Becky)
23. The Cage (Becky)
24. I Will Plant You A Lilac Tree (Becky)
25. Winnie the Pooh (Becky)
26. Little House in the Big Woods (Becky)
27. Little house on the prairie (Becky)
28. So Big (Wendy)
29. Life and Times of Michael K (Wendy)
30. The Translator (Wendy)
31. Alentejo Blue (Wendy)
32. Have You Found Her (Wendy)
33. Song of Solomon (Wendy)
34. The Gathering (Wendy)
35. The Giver (Wendy)
36. The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Wendy)
37. Great Expectations (Wendy)
38. HP and the Sorcerer\'s Stone (3M)
39. HP and the Chamber of Secrets (3M)
40. Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time) (3M)
41. Life & Times of Michael K (3M)
42. The Bluest Eye (3M)
43. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! (3M)
44. Independent People (3M)
45. Silence by Endo (3M)
46. Embers (3M)
47. Cat\'s Eye (3M)
48. Anne of Green Gables (3M)
49. Sitting Practice (3M)
50. Dreamers of the Day (3M)
51. The House at Riverton (3M)
52. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (J.C.)
53. Pillars of the Earth (J.C.)
54. The Gathering (J.C.)
55. The Stone Angel (J.C.)
56. The French Lieutenant\'s Woman (J.C.)
57. The Stone Diaries (J.C.)
58. The Time Travelers Wife (J.C.)
59. The Shadow of the Wind (J.C.)
60. We Just Want to Live Here(Amy)
61. The Reluctant Fundamentalist(Amy)
62. The Septembers of Shiraz(Amy)
63. Dream When You\'re Feeling Blue(Amy)
64. Resistance(Amy)
65. The Poet(Amy)
66. Slaughterhouse-Five (Sarah)
67. Bagombo Snuff Box (Sarah)
68. Brave New World (Sarah)
69. 1984 (Sarah)
70. The Secret Garden (Embejo)
71. For the Children\'s Sake(Embejo)
72. Pippi Longstocking (Embejo)
73. The Widow and Her Hero (Embejo)
74. The Well Trained Mind (Embejo)
75. Wuthering Heights (Embejo)
76. A Voice in the Wind (Embejo)
77. Sarah (Embejo)
78. The Pilot\'s Wife(Embejo)
79. Forrest Gump (Embejo)
80. Schindler\'s List (Embejo)
81. Just So Stories(Embejo)
82. Adventures of Pioneer Women in NZ(Embejo)
83. The Handmaid and the Carpenter (Embejo)
84. Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way (Tammy)
85. Diana Tregarde Investigates (Tammy)
86. Gold Unicorn (Tammy)
87. James Herriot\'s Dog Stories (Tammy)
88. Red As Blood (Tammy)
89. Chicks In Chainmail (Tammy)
90. Mission Canyon (Tammy)
91. The Service of the Sword (Tammy)
92. The Joy of Writing Sex (Tammy)
93. N. Vasillis
94. Everyone Worth Knowing (Sandra)
95. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Sandra)
96. Flowers for Algernon (Sandra)
97. The World is Flat (Sandra)
98. Pride and Prejudice (Sandra)
99. The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Sandra)
100. P.S. I Love You (Sandra)
101. To Say Nothing of the Dog (CoversGirl)
102. Cat O\' Nine Tales (CoversGirl)
103. The Quiet American (CoversGirl)
104. Every Dead Thing (CoversGirl)
105. The Thirteenth Tale (CoversGirl)
106. Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell (Tiny Librarian)
107. Food and Loathing Tiny Librarian)
108. Uncommon Grounds (Tiny Librarian)
109. A Wind in the Door (Yati)
110. The Penderwicks (Yati)
111. Someplace to be Flying (Yati)
112. Temeraire (Yati)
113. Gastroanomalies (Tiny Librarian)
114. Kit\'s Wilderness (Yati)
115. Absolutely True Diary of a Parttime Indian (Cafeshree)
116. Perma Red (Cafeshree)
117. Killing Kind (Cafeshree)
118. Blood Orchid (Cafeshree)
119. Blind to the Bones (Cafeshree)
120. Round Heeled Woman (Cafeshree)
121. Practice of Deceit (Cafeshree)
122. Delirium (Cafeshree)
123. Last Night at the Lobster (Cafeshree)
124. Bay of Angels (Cafeshree)
125. The Game of Kings (Yati)
126. Sunshine (Yati)
127. Wendy (So Big)
128. Wendy (Life and Times of Michael K)
129. Wendy (The Gathering)
130. Wendy (Alentejo Blue)
131. Wendy (The Translator)
132. Wendy (Have You Found Her)
133. Wendy (The Giver)
134. Wendy (Song of Solomon)
135. Wendy (The Reluctant Fundamentalist)
136. Wendy (The Gathering)
137. Wendy (Great Expectations)
138. Ashleigh (A Tale of Two Cities)
139. Ashleigh (Cold Comfort Farm)
140. Where Angels Fear to Tread (Ashleigh)
141. Middlemarch (Ashleigh)
142. On Beauty (Ashleigh)
143. Water for Elephants (Ashleigh)
144. The Namesake (Ashleigh)
145. Bee Season (Ashleigh)

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I am SO sorry about those smileys, I have no idea how they got there. And sorry about the double post.

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Arg, I keep screwing it up! I'm sorry, I'll stop linking.

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