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1. raidergirl3 (Hotel du Lac)
2. alisonwonderland (Dark Assassin)
3. Vasilly (Understanding Comics)
4. perfect on paper(bookworm)
5. raidergirl3(Water for Elephants)
6. scandalous love(bookworm)
7. Garden Spells (review by Laura)
8. Bobbi\'s Book Nook
9. Wendy (People of the Book)
10. The Dead and the Gone (review by Becky)
11. The Catcher in the Rye(Embejo)
12. Sharon (where the Heart Is)
13. Sharon (The Cat Dancers)
14. Sharon (Spider Mountain)
15. Sharon (Rhett Butler\'s People)
16. Sharon (Fearless Fourteen)
17. Sharon (Child of a Dead God)
18. raidergirl3(The Night Watch
19. like lightning(bookworm)
20. Sharon (Three Men in a Boat)
21. Sharon (Swine Not?)
22. Kelsey (Slaughterhouse-Five)
23. The Glass Castle (review by Laura)
24. Wendy (The Poisonwood Bible)
25. Kimmie
26. Lisa Quing
27. raidergirl3(Crow Lake)
28. bookworm (love in the time of cholera)
29. raidergirl3(Running With Scissors)
30. Wendy (The White Mary)
31. Sharon (Winter Study)
32. bookworm (sisterhood of the traveling pants)
33. Tiny Librarian (Dead Until Dark)
34. bookworm (The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work
35. Ingo (review by Laura)
36. raidergirl3(Maus I and II)
37. Jaime (The Plot Against America)
38. Jaime (Driving Force)
39. Jaime (Twisted)
40. Kelsey (Midnight\'s Children)
41. Kelsey (Swallows of Kabul)
42. Wendy (Hotel Du Lac)
43. bookworm (Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist\'s Wife)
44. Wild About Books (review by Laura)
45. bookworm (wicked ties)
46. Bobbi (Bobbi\'s Book Nook)
47. Bobbi (Dracula)
48. Bobbi (Mysterious Benedict Society)
49. Bobbi (Fearless Fourteen)
50. Bobbi (Allie Finkle\'s Rules for Girls)
51. Yati (Black Swan Green)
52. CafeShree
53. CafeShree (Death in th Andes
54. CafeShree (I Didn\'t Do It for You)
55. CafeShree (Ex-Libris)
56. CafeShree (Dissolution)
57. raidergil3(The Snack Thief)
58. bookworm (pay it forward)
59. Kimmie(Anna Karenina)
60. raiderigirl3(The Birth House)
61. Aga
62. Kristina (My Life as a Doormat)
63. Kristina (The Prophet of Yonwood)
64. Tammy (X-Men: The Last Stand)
65. Sharon (Blood Trail)
66. Sharon (Moon Pies and Movie Stars)
67. Sharon (Kill Clause)
68. Sharon (Annie Freeman\'s Fabulous Traveling Funeral)
69. Sharon (Stop Dressing Your 6 Year Old Like a Skank
70. Sharon (Moon Called)
71. Jaime (The Neon Rain)
72. Cafeshree (As Meat Loves Salt)

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