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1. alisonwonderland (Dairy Queen)
2. The Chase (Sharon)
3. return of the rogue (bookworm)
4. Vasilly
5. CafeShree (Mortal Causes)
6. Bullyville (review by Laura)
7. Beatrix Potter - Complete Tales (Embejo)
8. Effect of Light (CafeShree)
9. raidergirl3(The Cellist of Sarajevo)
10. Tiny Librarian (Cease to Blush)
11. Vasilly (Driving Miss Daisy)
12. Vasilly (Wit: a play)
13. Vasilly (The Sandman)
14. Wendy (Bridge of Sighs)
15. Vasilly (Time and Materials)
16. The Wednesday Sisters (bookworm)
17. raidergirl3(The Awakening)
18. Keeping Score (review by Laura)
19. Tiny Librarian (Till the Cows Come Home)
20. Kristi (Dead Girls Are Easy)
21. Kristi (Lord of the Fading Lands)
22. Kristi (One Hundred Years of Solitude)
23. Mrs Kimble (Embejo)
24. Sharon (Icy Sparks)
25. Wendy (Uncle Tom\'s Cabin - Late entry for March)
26. Vasilly (Fables in Exile)
27. Vasilly (The Secret Garden)
28. Vasilly (Steel Magnolias)
29. Vasilly (The Flower)
30. A New Earth (bookworm)
31. Wendy (The Kite Runner)
32. Vasilly (twilight)
33. Beastly (review by Laura)
34. (Tiny Librarian) Suite Scarlett
35. Kelsey (The Daydreamer)
36. beneath a marble sky (bookworm)
37. Wendy (Atonement)
38. gone with the witch(bookworm)
39. Splat the Cat (review by Laura)
40. Tiny Librarian (The Marriage of True Minds)
41. Wendy (Home of the Gentry)
42. all the pretty girls(bookworm)
43. The Giver (Yati)
44. raidergirl3(A Case of Exploding Mangoes)
45. Wendy (Life of Pi)
46. raidergirl3(Mudbound)
47. Tiny Librarian (Marked)
48. wicked nights(bookworm)
49. Kelsey (Forgive Me)
50. Kelsey (The English Patient)
51. Kelsey (Never Let Me Go)
52. the taking(bookworm)
53. Tiny Librarian (Love Walked In)
54. Vasilly (What Now?)
55. Vasilly (New Moon)
56. alisonwonderland (Dead Time)
57. Amy(No Colder Place)
58. Kelsey (Kreutzer Sonata)
59. Kelsey (Oh Pure and Radiant Heart)

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Posted by 1morechapter at 6/30/2008 08:12:00 AM


alisonwonderland said... June 30, 2008 at 12:37 AM  

3M: i totally muffed the link on #56 (my first entry for Dead Time. can you please delete that one? thanks!

3M said... June 30, 2008 at 6:56 AM  


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