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1. bookworm (the shining)
2. bookworm (your scandalous ways)
3. Kimmie (The Regulators)
4. bookworm (first daughter)
5. Kristina (Heart-Shaped Box)
6. The Perfect Storm (Embejo)
7. Bookworm (Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies)
8. Amy(Gone)
9. Amy(The Dead and the Gone)
10. Amy(The Bone Garden)
11. Bookworm (dracula)
12. Becky (Mysteries of Udolpho)
13. Tiny Librarian (Perfect Manhattan)
14. bookworm (A Jolly Good Fellow)
15. Tiny Librarian (Among Other Things...)
16. Cafeshree (Van Der Zee)
17. Cafeshree (Vitamin PH)
18. Tiny Librarian (Rat Pack Confidential)
19. bookworm (soup in the city)
20. Tiny Librarian (10 Things to do Before I Die)
21. Laura (Death Note Volume 1)
22. Laura (The Akhenaten Adventure)
23. bookworm (Any Given Doomsday)
24. Cafeshree (Safety of Secrets)
25. Cafeshree (Brief Lives)
26. Cafeshree (Guenevere)
27. Cafeshree (Rose of No Man\'s Land)
28. Alice in Wonderland (Embejo)
29. Morgan\'s Run (Embejo)
30. The Willoughbys (Embejo)
31. The Sea (Embejo)
32. Wendy (Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name)
33. Julie - Les Miserables
34. Julie - Sunday Night Book Club
35. Julie -Chamber of Secretss
36. bookworm (the monster of florence)
37. Tiny Librarian (Revenge of the Kudzu Debs)
38. The Sleepy Reader(Any Given Doomsday)
39. Cafeshree (VanderZee)
40. Cafeshree (VitaminPH)

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