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1. bookworm (the shining)
2. bookworm (your scandalous ways)
3. Kimmie (The Regulators)
4. bookworm (first daughter)
5. Kristina (Heart-Shaped Box)
6. The Perfect Storm (Embejo)
7. Bookworm (Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies)
8. Amy(Gone)
9. Amy(The Dead and the Gone)
10. Amy(The Bone Garden)
11. Bookworm (dracula)
12. Becky (Mysteries of Udolpho)
13. Tiny Librarian (Perfect Manhattan)
14. bookworm (A Jolly Good Fellow)
15. Tiny Librarian (Among Other Things...)
16. Cafeshree (Van Der Zee)
17. Cafeshree (Vitamin PH)
18. Tiny Librarian (Rat Pack Confidential)
19. bookworm (soup in the city)
20. Tiny Librarian (10 Things to do Before I Die)
21. Laura (Death Note Volume 1)
22. Laura (The Akhenaten Adventure)
23. bookworm (Any Given Doomsday)
24. Cafeshree (Safety of Secrets)
25. Cafeshree (Brief Lives)
26. Cafeshree (Guenevere)
27. Cafeshree (Rose of No Man\'s Land)
28. Alice in Wonderland (Embejo)
29. Morgan\'s Run (Embejo)
30. The Willoughbys (Embejo)
31. The Sea (Embejo)
32. Wendy (Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name)
33. Julie - Les Miserables
34. Julie - Sunday Night Book Club
35. Julie -Chamber of Secretss
36. bookworm (the monster of florence)
37. Tiny Librarian (Revenge of the Kudzu Debs)
38. The Sleepy Reader(Any Given Doomsday)
39. Cafeshree (VanderZee)
40. Cafeshree (VitaminPH)

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Lulu`s picks again...


I have completed the challenge! Yay! Thanks for hosting!

I signed up for the challenge last year and posted my list and while I updated when I read the books so many things changed with an international move that my list kind of went a bit haywire.

I am now back on track and have deleted my old post to make way for this new one. My list is now complete and I have all but two of the books on the list so I have no excuses not to read them. The books I have read are in Green, and the books with astixes are books I had on my shelves when this challenge began at the beggining of the year. I have 7 crossovers I think meaning 57 books to read. By my count I have 10 left to read but I could be wrong. Without further ado I present my updated list. My blog, will have the list posted up in a couple of days. Also I am not used to using blogger- and formatting on here is really hard, or is that just me?!

Favourite authors- Chose this category for obvious reasons

1. An offer you can`t refuse- Jill Mansell(Jun)
2. Change of Heart- Jodi Picoult (Jun)
3. Wife for Hire- Janet Evanovich (Cross over-mar)
4. Cage of Stars- Jacqelyn Mitchard* (Jan)
5. Prisoner of Earth- Jeffrey Archer (Cross over-Nov)
6. Dear John- Nicholas Sparks* (Cross over- Mar)
7. Lean Mean thirteen- Janet Evanovich (Cross over-Jan)
8. Black Cat- V.C Andrews (Cross over-Feb)

In a series- Chose this category since I have started a couple of different series but need to catch up on them, plus also already had a couple of these books on my shelves

1. Broken Flower- V.C Andrews* (Feb)
2. Scattered Leaves- V.C Andrews (Oct)
3. Lean Mean thirteen- Janet Evanovich (Cross over-Jan)
4. Fearless Fourteen- Janet Evanovich (Aug)
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows- J.K Rowling*(April)
6. Skinny Bitch- Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouim (Jan)
7. Key Lime Pie Murder- Joanne Fluke (Jun)
8. Honky Tonk Kat- Karen Kijewski ( Oct)

Read because I moved back to Australia and got new books!- Choose this because had an unplanned mid year move

1. Lessons in Heartbreak- Cathy Kelly (Jun)
2. You Drive me Crazy- Carole Matthews (May)
3. It`s a Kind of Magic- Carole Matthews (Jul)
4. Bad Behaviour- Shelia O`Flanagan (Aug)
5.Tales from the Crib- Jennifer Coburn (May)
6. The Babymoon- Melanie La`Brooy (Sep)
7. The Alibi- Sandra Brown (Oct)
8. Second Chance- Jane Green (Nov)

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller- Chose this since mysteries etc are one of my most read style of books, this and chick-lit

1. Bell, book & scandal- Jill Churchill* (Oct?Nov? I think I started it Oct & finished in Nov)
2. Chocolate chip cookie murder- Joanne Fluke* (Jan)
3. Strawberry Short Cake murder- Joanne Fluke (Feb)
4. Count Down- Iris Johansen *(May)
5. Dream man- Linda Howard* (Feb)
6. Ricochet- Sandra Brown* (Apr)
7. Open Season- Linda Howard (Apr)
8. Play Dirty- Sandra Brown (Aug)

Chick-lit- What I read just as much, if not more than mysteries....

1. Baby Proof- Emily Giffin* (Jan)
2. You Could Do Better- Stephanie Lehman* (Feb)
3. Marshmallows for breakfast- Dorothy Koomson*(Jun)
4. Those Faraday Girls- Monica McInerney* (Mar)
5. Artistic Licence- Katie Fforde* (Sep)
6. Remember me- Sophie Kinsella (Oct)
7. Certain Girls - Jennifer Weiner (Jun)
8. Wife for Hire- Janet Evanovich (Cross over-Mar)

Young Adult/Children Fiction- Thought I should go back to some books that make me the reader I am today, and also read some other YA fiction that has had a lot of good reviews or awards!

1. Alison- Margaret Watts (One of my favourite books as a teenager- reread)* (Dec)
2. Dear Venny, Dear Saffron-Libby Hathorn (same as above)* (Nov)
3. The Book Theif- Marcus Zusak* (Nov)
4. Gossipgirl- Cecily Von Ziegesar*(jun)
5. Kira Kira- Cynthia Kadohata* (Jan)
6. All American Girl- Meg Cabot* (Mar)
7. On the Jellicoe Road^ Melina Marchetta* (May)
8. Black Cat- V.C Andrews (Feb- Cross over)

Japanese authors/books about Japan- Live(d) Japan so thought I should try to read some more books that have come from here...

1. In Praise of shadows- Junichiro Tanizaki*(Cross over-April)
2. Snow Country- Yasunari kawebata* (Cross over-Jan)
3. Kitchen- Banana Yoshimoto* (Jan)
4. South of the border, west of the sun- Murakami Haruki*(Cross over-Aug)
5. Yakuza moon- Shoko Tendo* (Feb)
6. Goodbye Tsugumi- Banana Yoshimoto (Feb)
7. Losing Kei- Suzanne Kamata (May)
8. Bar Flower- Lea Jacobson (Apr)

Male Authors- I am trying to broaden my reading horizons a little bit and it seems that most of the books I do read are by female authors...Hopefully this will help me get started on my quest to broaden my reading horizons.

1. The Complete Polysyllabic Spree- Nick Hornby* (Feb)
2. For one more day- Mitch Albom* (Oct)
3.South of the Border West of the Sun-Haruki Murakami (Cross over- read in August)
4. Dear John- Nicholas Sparks* (Cross over- mar)
5. Snow Country- Yasunari kawebata* (Cross over-Jan)
6. In Praise of shadows- Junichiro Tanizaki*(April)
7. Prisoner of Earth- Jeffrey Archer (Cross over-Nov)
8. The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini (Apr?)

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