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#1: TV/Movie Tie-Ins:
1. Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way by Bruce Campbell (January)
2. Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley
3. The Quotable Star Wars - April
4. Scotland the Brave by Jennifer Roberson
5. A Stirring of Dust by Susan Sizemore
6. The Lazarus Heart by Poppy Brite
7. X-Men: The Last Stand by Chris Claremont - July
8. In the Beginning by Peter David

#2: Story Collections:
I'm not a big short story reader, but I seem to have collected several, so...
1. Chicks In Chainmail (March)
2. Dark Love
3. Love In Vein - April - was utterly bored. Did not finish.
4. Love in Vein II - looked like more of the same. Did not read.
5. Midnight Graffiti
6. James Herriot's Dog Stories by James Herriot(March)
7. Red As Blood by Tanith Lee
8. The Service of the Sword (March)

#3: Nonfiction:
I'm not usually a big nf reader either, but I'm trying to read more, so... (again)
1. The Forbidden Body by Shelley Bovey - April
2. Sex For One by Betty Dodson - April
3. Legends - from Life Magazine
4. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer - not sure if I'll see the movie or not. I've tried this one once before and couldn't get into it, but wanted to try again.
5. 200 Ways To Love the Body You Have by Marcia Hutchinson
6. The Wild West - companion book to the PBS(?) series
7. The Joy of Writing Sex by Elizabeth Benedict (March)
8. HTML For the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro

#4: Regency Romances:
I have a ton of these :)
1. Seduced by Virginia Henley
2. An Improper Proposal by Anthea Malcolm
3. Tangled by Mary Balogh
4. Something Wicked by Jo Beverly
5. Love's Charade by Jane Feather
6. Angel Rogue by Mary Jo Putney
7. Lady of the Night by Georgina Devon
8. A Ghostly Charade by Sheila Rabe

#5: Science Fiction:

1. 1633 by Eric Flint & David Weber
2. Dragonharper by Jody Lynn Nye
3. T2: Infiltrator by S. M. Stirling
4. Keeper of the Universe by Louise Lawrence - August
5. The Skies of Pern by Anne McCaffrey
6. Neuromancer by William Gibson
7. Sarek by A. C. Crispin
8. Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle

#6: Fantasy:

1. Terrier by Tamora Pierce
2. The King of Attolia by Megan Whelan Turner
3. Dragon's Teeth by James Hetley
4. The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay
5. Diana Tregarde Investigates by Mercedes Lackey (January)
6. Gold Unicorn by Tanith Lee (February)
7. The Young Wizards by Diane Duane - an omnibus of the first 3/4 books in the Young Wizards series - only counts as one
8. The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander - #1 in the Chronicles of Prydain

#7: In a Series:

1. The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander - #2 in the Chronicles of Prydain - Fantasy
2. Death Rides a Chesnut Mare by Ralph Compton - first in a trilogy - Western
3. Sharpe's Eagle by Bernard Cornwell - #8 in the Sharpe series - historical fiction
4. Mission Canyon by Meg Gardiner - (March)
5. Mallory's Oracle by Carol O'Connell - first in the Mallory series - mystery
6. The Ladies of Mandrigyn by Barbara Hambly - first in the Sun Wolf trilogy - fantasy
7. Nerilka's Story by Anne McCaffrey - Pern series - science fiction
8. Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn - Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy #1 - science fiction

#8: Historical Fiction:

1. Here Be Dragons by Sharon Penman
2. The Border Empire by Ralph Compton
3. Sharpe's Siege by Bernard Cornwell
4. Incident At Hawk's Hill by Allan Eckert
5. Lady of the Forest by Jennifer Roberson
6. Petals in the Storm by Mary Jo Putney
7. Smuggler's Lady by Jane Feather
8. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Some books fit multiple categories, but there are no multiple category books, so that's 64 books.

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