COMPLETED!!!! LeadMomma's 888 Challenge

This is a fun, flexible way to push myself to read a little more, in some new areas, and even best of all -- get ideas from other readers! I am not much of a planner, so setting out the categories is enough to get my ball rolling. An aside you may be interested to know - another goal for 2008 -- I will not purchase any new books -- I can check out books from the library and borrow them from friends. Nearly everything I will read will be from my TBR pile (ie: mountain)

I Heard it on NPR -- Completed
1. Listening is an act of love (StoryCorps)
2. The Abstinence Teacher (Tom Perrotta)
3. The Arsonists Guide to Writers Home in New England (Brock Clark)
4. The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Brian Selznick)
5. The Year of Living Biblically (A. J. Jacobs)
6. The Senator's Wife (Sue Miller)
7. Wrack & Ruin (Don Lee)
8. Not a Happy Camper (Mindy Schneider) 0verlap in humor

Fact-ion -- Completed
1. Truth and Beauty (Ann Patchett)
2. The Middle Place (Kelly Corrigan)
3. She's Gone Country (Kyle Spencer)
4. Wife of the North (Judith O'Reilly)
5. Worms Eat My Garbage (Mary Appelhof)
6. Library Management & Information Center Management
7. Dreams of my Father
8. Skinny Bitching
9. Blink

Fiction -- Completed
1. A Version of the Truth ( Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack)
2. Gardens of Water (Alan Drew)
3. Bull Island (Dorthea Frank)
4. Firefly Lane (Kristen Hannah)
5. Certain Girls (Jennifer Weiner)
6. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein)
7. Dirty Girls on Top
8. Do you Remember Me?
9. Fearless Fourteen
10. Summer Blowout
11. Bible salesman

Arm-Chair Travel -- Completed
1. Gardens of Water Overlap in Fiction
2. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
3. Richest Season
4. The Man Who Ate the World Overlap in Food
5. Wife of the North Overlap in Fact-tion
6. Where am I wearing
7. If you lived here I would know your name
8. Traveler's Tales: Food -- Overlap in Food

Creativity & Spirit -- Completed
1. Photo Freedom
2. Journal Revolution
3. Love Life
4. Live Good
5. Artist's Way - Walk in the World
6. Subversive Stitching
7. Doodle Stitching
8. Found

Food Writing (technical & essays) -- Last minute rename to WILD CARD to finish the year.
1. Feeding a yen (Calvin Trillin)
2. Eat This! 1001 Things to Eat Before you Diet!
3. Fortune Cookie Chronicles
4. Food 2.0
5. The Man Who Ate the World
6. Traveler's Tales: Food
The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian
Something wickedly Weird

Early Review Books -- Completed
1.Richest Season
2. 19th Wife
3. Food 2.0
4. Bull's Island
5. Dirty Girls on Top
6. Tan Lines
7. So Long at the Fair
8. Summer Blowout
9. Bible Salesman
10. Where am I Wearing
11. Something Wickedly Weird

Humor -- Completed.
1. What your poo is telling you
2. Confessions of a slacker mom
3. A La Cart
4. The Summer of Naked Swim Parties
5. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
6. When you are Engulfed in Flames
7. Lust!
8. Santa Responds: He's had enough and he's writing back

Extra Back-up Categories

Book Club Picks (from my monthly book group)
1. Drenched in light (Lisa Wingate)
2. Hanna's daughters (Marianne Fredriksson)
3. Tall Grass
4. The Beach House
5. Pillars of the Earth
6. Firefly Lane

Young Adult
1.The Invention of Hugo Cabaret
2. The Absolutley True Story of a Part-Time Indian
3. Elijah of Buxton

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